Valley Night Kollel


The energetic and entertaining Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky recently appeared in the Valley as the scholar-in-residence at Toras Hashem. Toras Hashem was founded by Rabbi Block over 40 years ago. Recently he passed the torch on to Rabbi Yisroel Majeski. In three short months, the shul has grown by leaps and bounds. New members join every week and young families seem to be finding their place in a very special community. The shul is known for its warmth and passion. Exciting new shiurim go on every week, and members enjoy the beautiful davening, an amazing children’s program run by Rabbi Tropper, and a spectacular kiddush.

While Rabbi Orlofsky was in town, Toras Hashem threw the Valley Night Kollel & Toras Hashem Cruise Event. Set overlooking Dock 52 in Marina Del Rey, the event brought together a diverse crowd from both the Valley and the City. As the sun set, the festivities had already begun on the Fantasy 1, a multi-level yacht. Celebrants enjoyed entertainment, music and friendly faces throughout the evening. Level One consisted of a photo booth and a beautiful lounge with plush couches and chairs from which they could enjoy the scenic view. Level Three featured a sushi station, carving station, and many more delicious treats made by the one and only La Gandola. Level Four provided a stunning open-air view of the harbor and the bay.

The evening program took place on Level Two. A delicious dinner was served, and Boruch Levine serenaded the attendees, contributing to the ambiance. Humorous and inspiring videos of the Valley Night Kollel and of Toras Hashem members entertained the guests. Rabbi Yisroel Majeski addressed everyone and then Rabbi Orlofsky, who delivered his signature blend of Torah and humor. Rabbi Orlofsky spoke about imitating Nachson by joining the amazing work of the shul and the Valley Night Kollel.

The night went on to be a huge success. The raffle drawing took nearly 20 minutes. Overwhelmed by the amazing turnout, Rabbi Majeski took quite some time to announce the raffle winner. While guests consumed the sumptuous desert, he read the name of the winner and the remaining attendees made their way off the boat for a late maariv.

To quote one of the overjoyed guests, “This was one of the best events I have ever been to in my life… actually the best!” The night was such a hit that the shul will be looking for a bigger boat for next year.