Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

“To read the news or not to read the news”? Good question. Those against will say, “What’s the point on focusing on the negative? You can’t do much about it anyway. Your job is to focus on being a kind and upstanding human being.”

Others might argue, “What do you mean ignore the news? This is my family we’re talking about! If my sister was going through a challenge, I would want to know! If Jews are in trouble somewhere in the world I want to know about it.”

They both have a point. Sticking our head in the ground like an ostrich can lead to indifference. We are supposed to get worked up about the attacks in Israel, and it’s not the end of the world if our sleep gets a little disturbed when recalling the fear Jews face in many parts of Europe while simply walking down the street.
Fine. But should we share the news with our kids or let them keep their innocence for as long as G-d allows?

Boy, do I wish we could remain innocent till 120…but childhood is the time for education, allowing us to nurture the young till they blossom into mature adults with a sense of purpose. If we live in a fractured world, and there are children on the other side of it for whom a bowl of cereal would be a feast, then our children should be aware of this and feel responsible to do their part in adding light and life to what seems to be very dark world.

It’s said that in the early 1940s, the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yoseph Yitzchak Schneersohn requested that children refrain from eating candy while the war is going on in Europe.

This type of education instills in our children empathy and a sense of responsibility. To be aware, to feel, and to do what we can to help others facing challenges big or small.

Surely this will bring joy to our Father in Heaven, and the current ruptures taking place on all levels of society will turn out merely to be furrows where we can sow seeds of light, joy and splendor which sprout and bloom with the coming of Moshiach – now.

May we have a relaxing Shabbos filled with ahavas yisroel,