Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

Purim, what a high! Everyone, everyone, let go of the outer wall put up around ourselves the rest of the year, allowing our inner spirit to shine. Dress codes and outer appearances became secondary as we connected with our fellow Jews, including the ones who daven in the “other shul.” On Purim it becomes the norm to have a spontaneous dance with a yid we just met!

However, it is what we do after Purim which forms the everyday us…

The unity of Purim was brought about by pain and a challenge to our very existence. The real accomplishment is to feel brotherhood when things are back to normal. Which mask do we wear when living in the Land of the Free: The pompous individual whose success has gotten to his head? Or the refined yid who realizes success comes from above?

“But how?” is usually the follow up question. Is it even possible to live with a taste of Purim year round? Now, as then, the answer lies in mesiras nefesh, sacrifice of the self. True, we don’t feel motivated. Instead, we feel pulled down by the repetitiveness of our daily responsibilities. But where’s our mesiras nefesh? Just a week ago we experienced infinite joy and now we’re bogged down by indifference?!

If we could survive the Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Arab conquerors, Christian persecution, Cossacks, Pogroms, the Nazis, and Islamic terrorism, then we can surely stand up to our inner apathy. All we need is another tefilah b’kavana, session of Torah study, or helping someone in need to get a spark going, ultimately becoming a spiritual fire, the expression of our neshama.

Tapping into our neshama also makes our belief in Moshiach more real and down to earth. Believing Moshiach will come in a modern world can sometimes feel a bit “out there.” However, it will feel less so if we’re already viewing our world through the prism of our soul. When we see our lives as an expression of a higher purpose and power, then all that’s missing is for the hidden, spiritual side of life to be revealed to all = the times of Moshiach.

We are currently sandwiched between the geulah of Purim, a “natural” one, and the geulah of Pesach, a supra-natural one. We are sure Hashem will continue using both nature and the miraculous to protect the Yidden along with the rest of humanity.
Mishenichnas Adar marbim b’simcha! We are still in Adar, so let us continue increasing in joy, overcoming all challenges m’bayis umichutz.

May we have a pleasant, inspiring and freilichen Shabbos,