Nine Teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe in honor of his birthday on Yud Aleph Nissan


Rabbi Sholom Kesselman

One of the greatest contributions the Rebbe gave us is the way in which he taught us to think and approach life. Below is a short list of the ones which have impacted me most:

You are capable of infinitely more than you think. Attempt the impossible and it will become possible.

There is nothing you can ever do to make G-d stop loving you. He’s not letting go; why should you.

Touch one person and see the chain reaction as they touch the next. Affect one individual-change the world.

Everything matters. Even a single thought is highly significant to G-d; never underestimate their impact.

A setback is G-d’s way of telling you: “you’re ready for something greater.” Don’t resent it; embrace it.

The less it’s about you, the happier you’ll be. The opposite of happiness is self-centeredness.

Our grandparents proved loyal to G-d in face of oppression. We must prove so in face of freedom / affluence.

You carry the ultimate responsibility for realizing G-d’s purpose in creation. Stop trying to pass the buck.

Don’t accept being in exile. Never get comfortable with it and never stop demanding redemption.