Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

“The word of Bilam son of Be’or… Your tents are so good, O Yaakov! Your dwellings O Israel! He will crouch and lie down (in his land) like a lion, an awesome lion… Those who bless you will be blessed… A star will shoot forth from Yaakov, and a staff will arise from Israel…”

With these words the prophet Bilam prophesied many of the events which have happened and will happen to our nation, including the end of days.

Looking at current events it seems that part of the process is the erosion of the status quo. The Arab spring brought revolution and chaos to country after country in the Middle East. The people have had enough of the corruption of their Governments.

In Europe the social fabric is beginning to tear at the seams as attacks continue to be made in the name of radical Islam and movements such as Brexit are used to show the dissatisfaction of the people in the ruling class.

Here in America, one of major parties has nominated a shoot-from-the-hip opportunist who will say anything to get what he wants, and the other chose a corrupt politician par excellence who though claiming to take the high road is as greedy and selfish as they come. Nobody saw this coming.

It’s not so farfetched to envision Israel becoming one of the most stable and successful countries to which much of the world looks for responsible leadership.

Granted redemption is much greater than the physical success, but we mustn’t be blind to what’s taking place right in front of our eyes; the return of the Jewish people to their land as a light among the nations.

Events are quickly unfolding; let us keep pace by increasing in acts of goodness and kindness.

Wishing you a wonderful and reflective first Shabbos of the three weeks,