Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

On the words in this week’s parshah (Devarim 1:17), “… for the judgement is upon the L-rd…” Rashi explains, “Whatever you unjustly take from one, you will oblige Me to return to him. Consequently you have perverted a judgment against me.”

In the world of business or when dealing with others in general, especially when successful, we may begin to feel that we succeeded because we earned it. We think accomplishments are ours solely because of something we have done. In reality, however, just as rainfall is dependent on the will of the Creator, so too with success. Although G-d wants us to work hard and be productive, the results are in G-d’s hands.

When living with this perspective, it is easier to forgive following a falling out with our fellow man. Even if we feel we were cheated out of monetary success, we know that if it were indeed ours, we will receive the blessing in another way “…you will oblige Me to return to him…” We will end up with it.

Being mindful of the one above when interacting with others not only keeps us focused on the mutual benefit for all involved in a given transaction; it also allows us to let go of negative feeling if we were wronged. For we know that all that happens comes from above. Even when played out through a bad decision by someone else, G-d willed that it happen to us.

Forgiving is the art of letting go, letting go of the image we have and seeing people for their deeper self.

The Nine Days and Tisha B’Av is a great time to let go of any grudges, even the times we were indeed right! For just as the Beis Hamikdash was destroyed because of supra-rational hatred, so too will its rebuilding be connected to supra-rational love.

We’ve marked Tisha B’Av for 2000+ years. It’s time we experienced the fulfillment of “Nachamu nachamu ami,” when the fast days shall turn into yomim tovim.

Have a meaningful Shabbos Tisha B’Av,