Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

I’ve just about given up keeping up with this election.

Progressives now tell us that pointing out Mrs. Clinton’s health issues is taking advantage of her being a woman and different than a man. (No kidding.)

Self-serving Edward Snowden is now a villain on the Left and tolerated by the Right. (This one sure came as a surprise.)

Mr. Putin as well is now viewed negatively by the likes of the NY Times and positively by the Republican candidate for presidency of the United States. (Headache!)

Removing Dictator Saddam Hussein is now used by the Republican candidate against the Democratic one. (Well, to be fair no one can say for sure if the world is better off with or without that madman. Islamist extremism was festering for many decades and regardless would probably explode leading to the rise of ISIS and other murderers-without-borders.)

After being elected through populist appeal our current president is now denouncing populism as a worldwide epidemic. (Nauseating. In fact Trump hero-worship is a continuation of “following the/a man with all the answers” attitude introduced back in 2008…)

The miraculous part of all this is that while the world continues spiraling into chaos, Israel continues to establish herself as an island of stability, leadership, growth, and, yes, superior moral conduct.

Interesting, yet miraculous times indeed.

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos,