Dear Readers


Dear Readers,

Zman simchaseinu, the time of our rejoicing, is upon us. Like breathing, joy is a basic necessity of life. It doesn’t come from items or things outside us, and is an expression of life itself. No need to pursue it. It’s right there inside waiting to be released.

Yom Kippur gave us the opportunity to let go of negativity, each of us receiving a clean slate. Sukkos is the time to celebrate. Celebrate the blessings in our lives, celebrate life itself.

As Jews around the world spend seven to eight days in the sukkah, we are reminded that we are an eternal people in a temporary dwelling. Perhaps one depends on the other; recognizing that worldly possessions, political candidates, and debates are temporary, allows us to look deeper for eternal and permanent truths and meaning.

Once found, we cherish it dancing with it all the way to Simchas Torah.

Being joyous doesn’t mean that we are apathetic to the suffering of many people throughout the world, it’s rather the recharging of our batteries to be able to be ambassadors of light throughout the rest of the year, each in our own family, community, and place of work. After all, a little light dispels a lot of darkness.

Even so, in our time of joy we should remember the millions of people the world over who are being persecuted, hungry, and suffering. Let us call out to our Father in Heaven and sincerely request He put an end to darkness and pain, ushering in the time when the world will be the beautiful & G-dly garden it was intended to be.

We believe it already is – it’s time we see it as well.

Wishing you and your families a wonderful Shabbos and a most joyous Chag Hasukkos,