Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

So that’s it. We’re at the end of the mudslinging. We are all pretty much confident who we don’t want in the White House and at any cost.

Ayin roeh v’ozen shama’as, there’s an eye that sees and an ear that hears. As traditional Jews our biggest takeaway from this election cycle might just be to remember that all that we do is being recorded, and that one day we will have to face it. (Luckily for us, we will be judged by our merciful Father in heaven and not by our fellow human beings…)

The house of Clinton, a once untouchable organization with loyalists in all branches of Government, Media and Wall Street might have just met its equal – a mirror. It has to face itself. It is suddenly laid bare for all to see. The myth of the elitist gone with the wind.

Turns out they are just as judgmental, illiberal, and crave power as those they maligned all these years.

Trump? Obviously not the guy you want sitting next to you in shul but #neverhillary. We’ve had eight years of redefining marriage, mixing bathrooms, reigniting racial tensions, the secularization of morality, and allowing the dictators of the world a free pass to harm as they please. A third term is the last thing we need.

Mr. Trump knows he’s on a tight leash. An impeachment is one mistake away for him. An elected Mrs. Clinton on the other hand would have the people’s approval to continue pushing the progressive agenda of these past eight years.

In addition, should Hillary lose it would be a major check on the power of the mainstream Media which has gone out of its way to spin her into the White House. As we’ve seen in the case of Israel, a biased Media can be very dangerous.

May we see in the very near future how the upheaval of this election, as well the storms brewing throughout the world is the trembling referred to by our neviim as ushering the coming of Mashiach and a time of truth, peace and goodness.

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos,