Corks and Forks: Fundraiser for the Chabad Elementary School System


Yehudis Litvak

Cheder Menachem and Bais Chaya Mushka combined forces and conducted a successful Charidy fundraising campaign, followed by the Corks and Forks celebratory BBQ and Buffet at Cheder Menachem on December 15th.

The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness in the community of the need to support its schools. According to the Cheder Young Leadership Committee, tuition is not enough to cover the schools’ budgets and continued reliance on tuition as the primary source of revenue can create challenges that reverberate throughout the community. It is the responsibility of the community to recognize that high tuition bills are an increasing burden, particularly on young growing families.

The campaign reached out both to parents in the schools who are already paying tuition but can afford to contribute more, as well as to community members who do not currently have children in either school. In fact, over 40% of donations came from people who are not parents in the participating schools.

Fundraising for both schools simultaneously proved to be successful, raising over a million dollars total. All the contributors were invited to the Corks and Forks BBQ and Buffet.

At the event, attended by over 250 people, Rabbi Hirshy Minkowicz of North Fulton, GA, spoke about Chabad and its place in the larger Jewish community. He highlighted the unique aspects of Chabad, such as outreach and the willingness to embrace the world for the purpose of spirituality. The attendees enjoyed a unique menu, provided by Izzy’s Brooklyn Smokehouse of New York and Rabbi-Q award-winning Kansas City BBQ Pitmaster, brought to Los Angeles especially for this event.