Advertorial: Torah Luminations Makes History Again with New Children’s Animated Videos Worldwide


Advertorial: Torah Luminations Makes History Again with New Children’s Animated Videos Worldwide

The producers of the popular Maharal and Golem of Prague DVDs, are offering an exciting new service for children’s professionally animated videos which has never been done before. This innovative service allows frum families around the world to get a new video based on stories of tzaddikim every month, to be watched whenever they want, without needing internet in the home, and at a better price than the local Judaica stores. These videos are both rabbinically-approved and Chinuch HaVaad reviewed. It’s a service that is completely new for the frum world.

Chana Aidel Erlenwein, the mother of a large family living in Toronto, Canada, can all too well relate to the need for meaningful and entertaining videos for children. Together with her husband Avrahom-Moishe, they took this need and turned it into a mission to serve the frum world. “With my husband’s 10 years’ experience working with advanced technologies at Microsoft Corporation, we decided with siyata d’shemaya to take that background and create a service for the frum community.”

The “formula” for producing high-quality, meaningful, and fun videos isn’t only about technology.

“Another animation studio had released a video which created a lot of controversy in the frum world. We wanted to learn from that. We wanted everyone to feel comfortable allowing their children to watch our videos. We took our videos to a couple of different rabbanim and received their approval to put their name on our videos, including HaRav M. Lowy, Agudah Rav of Toronto.”

Besides rabbinical approval, Torah Luminations has a VaaD Hachinuch to review their videos from a chinuch, tznius and heimishe perspective.

The formula was, B”H, bentched with success. Within one year, Torah Luminations produced three DVDs based on several of the Maharal and the Golem of Prague stories. These sold in 40 Judaica stores across five countries. To date, no other animation studio has produced more than one 3D animation video. Besides Torah Luminations, there are only two other 3D animation videos in the market. The budgets for those companies to create each of those videos were between $500,000 to $1,000,000 and produced by a team of ten to one hundred people. The costs, resources and skills needed to produce high quality, children’s 3D animation have made it an almost impossible task until Torah Luminations “found the secret sauce.”

Torah Luminations is now making history again by offering worldwide a monthly subscription for 3D animation videos.

Every month, they will be sending their subscribers a NEW 20-30 minute animated video based on stories of tzaddikim. Your kids will absorb Jewish values such as emunas tzaddikim, bitachon, and simchah while enjoying watching these videos.

“With the advent of proper internet filters, awareness, and education, the Jewish community is going online in ever increasing numbers. By making our videos available for download, we found that we could reach more families worldwide and save them money. Since the video is digital, it won’t get scratched like a DVD. With our new subscription model, you get the best of a DVD and the internet. Many parents have told me they plan to download our video while at a place that has an internet connection, then bring it home for their children to watch on their family computer, tablet, or cell phone which isn’t connected to the internet.”

The Butcher Who Saved Pesach, the first of the videos in the monthly subscription, is set to launch Rosh Chodesh Nissan for download only. Subscribers can choose two devices ranging from a PC, Mac, IPad, or Android to download the videos. You do NOT need to have internet in your home to enjoy these videos. Keep the kids busy erev Shabbos or while preparing for Pesach with something good or incent them to help!

Torah Luminations is offering an “Early Bird discount” to those who order now. You can visit their website at or email for pricing, a video sample, more information, or to contact them.