First Trustees Reception for Laniado Hospital Promises to be a Night to Remember


First Trustees Reception for Laniado Hospital Promises to be a Night to Remember

On Tuesday, May 16th, the L.A. community is invited to join the Trustees of the West Coast Friends (WCF) of Laniado Hospital for its inaugural reception at the home of Ilan and Linda Gorodezki. This fundraiser is on behalf of creating a new gynecologic-oncology department at Netanya’s Laniado Hospital.

The WCF of Laniado are thrilled to welcome the electrifying Zvi Yechezkeli as the evening’s keynote speaker, his first public appearance in the U.S. “Zvi can speak for three hours and people won’t want to move from seats,” said Urie Lieberman, Director of WCF of Laniado Hospital. Yechezkeli, who was a former agent of the General Security Service and Special Forces officer in the IDF, went undercover for a year and a half as a Muslim, living with Arabs in Chevron and Jenin. “He learned their customs, every notion, how to hold a cigarette…everything he could pick up as a so-called ‘Palestinian.’”

This education was Yechezkeli’s crucial preparation for moving on to Europe as a “Muslim” correspondent and exposing ISIS, being one of the first sources to warn about Islam’s takeover of Europe. Today, Zvi is regarded as one of the world’s experts in Arab affairs. “Zvi’s riveting account on infiltrating the ISIS strongholds in Europe while disguised as Muslim will capture and move everyone,” said Lieberman. “He’s a sensational person to hear and meet.”

For Israelis, both in the country and abroad, Yechezkeli is a household name; he’s watched daily on Channel 10 News, and is currently creating his third TV series on ISIS. Largely as a result of his experience in Chevron – during which he was told, “The only reason I want to kill you is because you are Jewish.” – Zvi became a Breslover Chassid, and is now married with five children.

Another highlight of the evening will be the phenomenal speaker Rabbi Shlomo Einhorn, Dean of Yavneh Hebrew Academy and Rav of Kehillat Yavneh, and an expert on the rabbinical masters. He will provide a breathtaking glimpse into the founder of Laniado, the first Klausenburger Rebbe, Rabbi Yekusiel Yehudah Halberstam, and his unique legacy.

The goal of this exciting evening is to raise funds to build a new gynecologic-oncology department at Laniado Hospital. Currently, the unit is part of the regular gynecology department, but the hospital is looking to make a separate unit which will give the proper care, respect, and privacy to oncology patients. This new department will also allow for more outreach work, particularly important to educate women in Charedi circles about, among other subjects, the major issue of the BRCA gene mutation. This mutation is especially prevalent in the Jewish Ashkenazi population.

The Los Angeles Community has participated in four other projects to aid in the development of Laniado, including the enlargement of the Cardiology Department, the Ryzman Family Invasive Cardiology Center, the Underground MRI Center, and the Missile Safe Dialysis Department. “We are very grateful to the L.A. community,” said Lieberman, who, along with the trustees and the Board of Governors, looks forward to meeting members of the LA. community on May 16th. The reception will be begin at 6 p.m. and the program will commence at 7 p.m.

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