Beth Jacob Raises Funds to Purchase New Truck for Israeli Firefighters


Beth Jacob Raises Funds to Purchase New Truck for Israeli Firefighters

Devora Sambrowsky

Beth Jacob, a Modern Orthodox congregation located in Southern California, has embarked on a campaign to purchase a sophisticated, state of the art fire truck for Israel. Members of Beth Jacob consistently allocate their time and resources to assist our brethren in Israel, initiating programs that show their solidarity and concern. Among past programs were the “Buy Israel Initiative,” which promoted buying Israeli goods as an expression of economic support, and various funds collecting for wounded soldiers, bomb shelters, and an ambulance.

As a series of ruinous fires recently destroyed thousands of acres of forestland and hundreds of homes in Israel, Beth Jacob’s next initiative is to collect enough money to sponsor a fully equipped fire truck. Israeli firefighters expended over five million dollars in putting out the fires, and are in desperate need of more trucks and equipment to better combat future disasters. They currently possess a paltry 420 trucks, though necessity calls for at least 975, and require further aid in purchasing more trucks and gear.

In recognition of this need, Beth Jacob has launched the “Beth Jacob Firetruck Drive” to raise $125,000 dollars for a new fire truck, which will be augmented by the Israeli government. As usual, the Beth Jacob congregation has been enthusiastic in their benefaction for Israel and has collected a total of $107,000 dollars so far. Rabbi Tropp, Senior Rabbi of the Beth Jacob Congregation, thanks those who have already contributed and urges those who have not to consider contributing and help Beth Jacob attain the remaining $18,000.

Beth Jacob is a role model to the Jewish community at large for demonstrating that although we live in California, Israel is in our hearts and on our minds. As their donation to Israel helps extinguish fires, it also kindles a sense of unity and brotherly warmth.