Rav Yisroel Reisman, shlita, visits Los Angeles in preparation of the upcoming Yeshiva Torah Vodaath 98th Annual Dinner


Rav Yisroel Reisman, shlita, visits Los Angeles in preparation of the upcoming
Yeshiva Torah Vodaath 98th Annual Dinner

T. Dicker

HaRav Yisroel Reisman, shlita, Rosh Yeshiva of Yeshiva and Mesivta Torah Vodaath, visited the Los Angeles Torah community last week. There he met with friends and supporters of the Yeshiva, who warmly welcomed Rabbi Reisman to the West Coast.

“Bridging East to West” was the theme of the trip. Torah Vodaath will pay tribute to two pillars of the Los Angeles community at the Yeshiva’s upcoming dinner for their “Yovel of Service” to klal Yisrael.

This year marks a yovel – five decades since Rabbi Berish Goldenberg and R’ Shlomo Goldner graduated from Mesivta Torah Vodaath and embarked on their lives’ journeys; 50 years since Yeshiva and Mesivta Torah Vodaath influenced the members of Class of 1967 and helped pave their paths to greatness.

Guests of Honor R’ Berish Goldenberg and R’ Shlomo Goldner together with Rabbi Yaakov Krause and members of the Weiss family, welcoming Horav Yisroel Reisman Shlita at the LA VIP Benefit Event for Torah Vodaath

Torah Vodaath has always had a special kesher with Los Angeles; many of the marbitzei and machzikei Torah, rabbanim and askanim, are Torah Vodaath alumni. In addition to visiting many dear friends of the Yeshiva, Rabbi Reisman gave a shiur at the Kollel Boker in Rabbi Krause’s shul at the request of the Tomech Torah, Mr. Michael Kest.

Rabbi Reisman also davened and shared thought-provoking insights with the talmidim of Yeshiva Rav Isacsohn – Toras Emes; Los Angeles Cheder; and with yungerleit of the new Kollel Netzach Yisroel (founded by our dear friends R’ Shlomo Yehuda and Tamar Rechnitz in memory of Moreinu HaRav Yisroel Belsky, zt”l, Rosh Hayeshiva of Torah Vodaath).

The visit culminated with a beautiful and elegant VIP Benefit Event at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Steven Weiss, co-chaired by Rav Yaakov Krause. The Weiss family are talmidim of the Yeshiva for four generations and the Yeshiva is proud of their decades’ long association. The family’s relationship with the Yeshiva is further enhanced by their strong connection over the years with Rav Reisman, shlita. Their son R’ Aryeh Weiss, noted askan and Torah supporter in New York is a proud talmid and parent in the Yeshiva Ketanah. R’ Aryeh accompanied Rav Reisman along with Rabbi Yitzchok Gottdiener to Los Angeles, and this year serves as Dinner Chairman.

Rabbi Reisman returned from his trip with great chizzuk from seeing the warmth and connection that continues to transcend the entire continent. Yeshiva Torah Vodaath truly “bridges East to West”.