Advertorial: Mexikosher


Here at Mexikosher, we recently added a new menu item, tacos al pastor. We were delighted when customer Ralph Kostant posted this comment on our Facebook page:

As soon as I saw Katsuji’s video showing the newly featured tacos al pastor at Mexikosher, I knew I had to try them. Tonight Laura and I had our chance.

To tell the truth, I was a wee bit apprehensive that it would turn out to be no more than shawarma on a tortilla. I should have known not to worry. El Maestro has once again come up with a kosher variation on a Mexican delicacy that is truly unique. Using chicken to substitute for the pork typically used in the Mexican original, and some delicious spicing, Mexikosher’s tacos al pastor provide another delicious meat selection to the birria, carne asada, carnitas, and grilled chicken breast already on the menu.

Two tips: (1) Don’t add any of Mexikosher’s wonderful salsas to the tacos al pastor, at least for the first order. Salsas will only cover up the complex taste of the spicy rotisserie grilled chicken. (2) Add a side dish of Mexikosher’s grilled corn on the cob. El cielo. Ta’am gan eden.

Here in Los Angeles we have enjoyed kosher corn tortillas for at least the entire 39 years I have lived here…But when Katsuji Tanabe began making his own corn tortillas, grinding organically grown local corn to make them fresh in Mexikosher – well, there is just no comparison. They only enhance the tacos al pastor.

Shawarma is the Middle Eastern ancestor of tacos al pastor, brought to Mexico by Lebanese immigrants. In Mexico, shawarma assimilated into tacos al pastor, when el pueblo de Mexico substituted more readily available pork for the lamb used in shawarma, and then added local spicing. By adding tacos al pastor to the menu of a kosher restaurant, Katsuji Tanabe has sort of brought tacos al pastor full circle. Kol ha kavod, Katsuji, all honor to you. You have done it again.

Another satisfied customer!

Chef Katsuji’s award-winning cuisine has earned him appearances on shows such as “Chopped,” “Top Chef Mexico,” “Top Chef Boston,” “MasterChef Mexico,” the Travel Channel’s “Chow Masters,” NBC’s “Food Fighters,” and PBS’s “Cooking Under Fire.” Whether you come in to Mexikosher to experience our tacos al pastor or another one of Chef Katsuji’s tastebud-tickling creations, why don’t you top it off with our new dessert selection, churros? While most churros in the U.S. are too doughy, we invested in a machine which provides an authentic churro which tastes just like one purchased on the streets of Mexico.

And, as always, we can meet your catering needs with our Taco Bar – two savory types of meat, nine delicious garnishes, four homemade salsas, guacamole, tortillas, and chips are all included! We can provide all of this for just $25 a person, given four hours notice or more.