Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

#fakenews – We Jews have witnessed it so long we are not surprised by it.

I remember sitting on a plane during Operation Grapes of Wrath, a 1996 air campaign to put an end to the bombing of cities in northern Israel. All CNN would play was images of injured people who were either caught in the crossfire or Hezbollah militants posing as civilians. Never mind that it’s a government’s responsibility to protect its citizens, and never mind that Israel went to greater lengths to avoid civilian casualties than any other country. Mainstream media needed Israel to be the villain, and that was it.

More recently there was the 2014 Gaza campaign. Again, one-sided coverage painted victims as aggressors and the monster as a harmless child.

What’s changed is that now there’s a handheld device called a smart phone through which people can spontaneously record events in real time. For example, following the attacks in London, CNN tried to pull one of its usual “photo ops to fit its message” moves, but unfortunately for them the staged event was recorded, including its journalists directing which police officers should be filmed in the “official demonstration!”

The truth is our whole view of olam hazeh is #fakenews. At face value, it seems to run on its own and have its own rules. Success, it seems, is not based on virtue but on strength. Bad things seem to happen to well-behaved people and great things seem to happen to awfully-behaving ones.

But in truth there’s a Creator who created all that we see, and one day, when Moshiach finally arrives, we’ll see everything in its true form.

It’s happening already. Just a few years ago, no one even dreamt that Qatar would be at odds with fellow Muslim countries and that the UAE, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia would cut diplomatic ties, put travel to and from Qatar on hold, including all shipments.

Or how about this: despite doomsayers telling us for years that if Israel stands strong she will be ostracized and cut off financially, yet the country is thriving more than ever before. Whether one is on the Right, and security is the number one concern, or on the Left, and sees global warming as the number one threat, or if one simply is looking for up and coming technology – Israel has become a trendsetter!

Let’s be part of these miracles; or, rather, let’s be part of nature revealing its intended purpose.

We can do it by adding goodness and kindness, prayer, learning, and engaging in all matters of Torah and kedushah, preparing ourselves for the time – as the Rambam states at the end of Hilchos Melachim – when “we shall know our Creator as is possible for a human being.”

Wishing you and your families an enjoyable and successful summer,