Makor HaChaim of Encino holds Annual Dinner


Makor HaChaim of Encino holds Annual Dinner

Mordechai Lipman

This past week, shul members, rabbis, and friends of Makor HaChaim of Encino came to celebrate eight years of community growth and unity. The evening’s program was emceed by Mr. Gary Pietruszka.

Makor HaChaim, after less than a decade in existence, continues to grow and flourish. The shul environment embodies the teachings of Torah, as they relate to our generation and its unique challenges. This year’s Annual Dinner was a true testimony to their refreshing approach.

Makor HaChaim is fortunate to have as its Rav and Founder, Rabbi Dovid Horowitz. His down-to-earth and practical approach to the wisdom of the Torah has been inspiring the Jewish community of Encino for nearly a decade. Having grown up in Los Angeles, with the fusion of yeshiva and kollel in Israel and later in Ner Yisrael of Baltimore, Rabbi Horowitz understands the audience he is speaking to, allowing the penetrating messages of the Torah to connect to them with great relevance for our generation. His poignant words and energetic delivery can be heard on Shabbos, yom tov, or during the week, through his numerous classes, drashos, and lectures.

The theme of the evening was “Olam chessed yibaneh – the world is built with acts of kindness.”  As Rabbi Dovid Horowitz remarked in his keynote address, “Each and every Jew is a world unto themselves. When we take the time and effort to be sensitive to the needs of others and to provide them with what they are lacking, we are building worlds that will live on for generations to come.”

With this message in mind, Rabbi Horowitz introduced this year’s honorees, Mr. and Mrs. Robert & Randy Weiser, who received The Chesed Award, for their selfless acts of chessed. The Weisers have been a key part to the success and warm atmosphere of Makor HaChaim. Their exemplary ways have inspired their friends, family and community to increase their own personal acts of kindness as well. As Mr. Weiser intimated to the crowd, “Chessed is not merely an obligation, rather, it’s a way of life.  If we would all do just a little more chessed each day, imagine how much greater the Jewish People would be.”

As the evening drew to a close – the warmth, sincerity, and love of Torah, of mitzvos and of Klal Yisroel was tangible, leaving those in attendance spiritually uplifted and empowered to accomplish even more for themselves and their community.

Photo: Jonah Light Photography