Communicated: Chance to Live Jerusalem Dream at Ramat Givat Zeev



Chance to Live Jerusalem Dream at Ramat Givat Zeev

One of the most high-profile, revolutionary real estate projects in Israel, Ramat Givat Zeev is nearing the first stage of completion. This brand-new, upscale neighborhood, is located just 15 minutes away  from the bustling heart of Jerusalem.

Over 60% of those who have purchased a property in Ramat Givat Zeev, which is being constructed by the Chish Nofei Yisroel real estate development company, are foreign buyers, mainly Orthodox couples and families from North America and the UK.

“Ramat Givat Zeev is our flagship project,” said Pnina Revach, Chish Nofei Yisrael’s marketing manager. “When we first began exploring the possibility of establishing this neighborhood, we conducted a tremendous amount of research. We identified a strong demand for such a project for Orthodox Anglos who were interested in living in Jerusalem, but who also wanted high quality of life.”

Ramat Givat Zeev is being built on 34 acres, and highlights a variety of housing possibilities, from luxury suites in high-standard apartment buildings, to town-houses and exclusive single-family dwellings. The community will have 234 apartment housing units, as well as a similar number of villas.

“Each apartment has the most modern, state-of-the-art features, such as an intercom with a screen, stunning bathroom cabinets, elegant, contemporary kitchens, electric window shutters and porcelain granite flooring,” Revach boasted. “We’re talking about the highest standards available in the market today. We’ve invested in every single detail. Each dwelling also highlights a Sukkah porch, separate kitchen sinks etc.”

All of the amenities associated with a functional neighborhood are also in motion.

“Alongside all the stunning landscaping and environmental features, we’ve included 4,000 meters of commercial space for name brand stores,” Revach added. “We’ve already signed contracts with a well-known bakery, a pizzeria, a supermarket, kupat cholim, a cosmetics salon, a fish store, and a dry-cleaners. The idea is to have all residents’ needs met within the neighborhood, so that residents won’t have to travel out of the neighborhood for their basic needs.”

The educational and spiritual aspects have also begun to take shape.

There are plans for a Talmud Torah, a girls’ school, kindergartens and daycare centers, operating in cooperation with the Education Ministry, as well as at least four shuls, mikva’os and various other public facilities.

Construction, which began nearly 18 months ago, is now nearing completion. Revach is excited to report that the first 200 families are scheduled to take possession of their apartments within six months. “Most of the purchasers are from overseas, but in the last year, we’ve seen a surge of customers specifically from Jerusalem who are seeking to upgrade their accommodations, without giving up on vibrant community life,” Revach revealed. “We have fewer than 40 apartments, and there are, maybe, ten single-family homes left. In the coming weeks, we will be launching special sales events.”

For interested buyers in the Los Angeles area, Chish Nofei Yisroel will be holding a special sales event from 11 AM-8PM on Sunday, September 3, at Morry’s Fireplace, 9118 West Pico Boulevard.