Los Angeles Bids Tzeischem L’Shalom to Rabbi Avrohom and Dr.  Sara Teichman


Los Angeles Bids Tzeischem L’Shalom to Rabbi Avrohom and Dr.  Sara Teichman  

Rabbi Arye D. Gordon

This past Thursday evening, August 17, 2017, was a bittersweet one for the Los Angeles community. As Rabbi Avrohom and Dr. Sara Teichman prepare to move to the East Coast, friends, family, colleagues, and other community members assembled to express gratitude for their years shared with the Teichman family.

We all know the famous Rashi on the passuk , “Va’yeitzi Yaakov m’Be’er sheva. – Yaakov went out from Beersheva.” Why does the Torah mention his departure? It is to teach us that the departure of a righteous man from any place makes an impression. For during the time that the righteous person is in the city, he constitutes its glory, he is its splendor, he is its crown; but when he departs from there, there departs its glory, there departs its splendor, there departs its crown.

Teichman - At Teichman Reception

Harav Zalman Sorotzkin in his sefer, Otzar HaHayim, points out, “There is a righteous person who dwells in a city but does not worry about what happens in the city. Rather he worries about his place in the world to come. When such a righteous person leaves the city, his absence is not noted. But when a truly righteous person leaves a city – that is, a righteous person who was truly a part of the place, and was active and an influence upon the place – his going out makes a great impression.”

There is no better way to describe Rabbi and Rebbetzin Teichman and their 40-plus years as sojourners in Los Angeles.

In his introduction at the farewell event, Rabbi Kram pointed out, “We are here tonight to express our hakoras hatov to our rav, Rav Teichman, and thank him for leading us and teaching us so that we may grow immeasurably. Rabbi Teichman originally came to Los Angeles to be a menahel in Rav Simcha Wasserman’s yeshiva, and then in Toras Emes. Rav Teichman is the rosh of a beis din Choshen Mishpat, Rosh Beis Din Even Ezra, a mesader Gittin, the rav of Los Angeles Hatzalah, the rav of Agudath Yisroel Bais Avigdor, and the founder of the kashrus organization, Kehilla Kosher.”

Rav Yisroel Teichman, the rav’s son, rose to say a few words. He spoke of his experience growing up in Los Angeles and watching the Torah community grow in leaps and bounds. He concluded by saying, “On behalf of myself and my siblings we want to thank you all for your friendship, kindness, and hakaras hatov.”

Rav Avrohom Teichman then went to the podium for his final remarks. After pausing he began, “Thank you all for coming and a good night. That is,” continued Rabbi Teichman, “a complete speech! I hope what I go on to say now does not take away from that speech.”

Rabbi Teichman went on to describe the miracles that saved his future father-in-law, Rav Yisroel Snow, who survived the rioting in Chevron in 1929, and his own parents that survived Auschwitz. He then described the tremendous influence of his parents and their hashpa’ah. He spoke of the Los Angeles frum community, whose growth and development was due to the efforts of Holocaust Jews that settled in the wilds of California – all nissim.

He concluded by thanking the community for all their tov and expressed his feelings that he and the rebbetzin would not forget the Yidden of Los Angeles.

The dessert reception was hosted by the Agudath Yisroel Bais Avigdor of Los Angeles; the renowned caterers, Pat and Errol Fine; and Hatzolah of Los Angeles.