Dear Readers


Dear Readers,

We’re told to prepare ourselves for Mashiach as if he is not only on his way, but is coming any minute. But is that even possible? What can we possibly do that would be considered preparing for such a great revelation?

The same can be asked regarding the creation of the world; what accomplishments can we claim that would warrant the world – and ourselves – to be created?

The answer to these two questions is that the Torah and its mitzvos are a lot more than what they appear from a human perspective. The rabbis say that Hashem has enclosed Himself and His will in the Torah and mitzvos. To us sitting in the sukkah, fasting Yom Kippur, or attending a shiur might seem inconsequential, but in reality through each mitzvah, G-d Himself “enters” our reality. When Mashiach comes we will see this with our own eyes.

Will we be ready?

Wishing you a meaningful Yom Kippur and a most joyous Sukkos,