OK Kosher West Coast Kashrus Seminar


OK Kosher West Coast Kashrus Seminar

The OK Kosher, under the direction of Rabbi Don Yoel Levy, recently concluded a three-day kashrus training seminar for mashgichim in Los Angeles. The seminar was for the mashgichim working in the food service department (restaurants, catering, bakeries, markets, etc.) and served to provide them with in-depth training in all matters of halachah and policy relevant to their hashgachah work. It was held in the Glazer Lounge at the Sharei Tefila Shul.

The seminar was organized by the OK Kosher West Coast office under the direction of Rabbis Sholom Kesselman and Shlomo Klein and in conjunction with the OK Kosher National Food Service Department under the direction of Rabbi Kalman Weinfeld.

Over 120 mashgichim, serving the 70 food service establishments certified by OK Kosher in Los Angeles, were in attendance. They were treated to shiurim in relevant laws of kashrus: hashgachah, kashering, bedikas tola’im, Shabbos (for catered events held on Shabbos) and were trained in the day-to-day duties and responsibilities that hashgachah work entails. Emphasis was also placed on the need for mashgichim to be professional, presentable, and to always conduct themselves in a manner befitting people who represent Torah and halachah. The shiurim and presentations were given by Rabbis Weinfeld, Kesselman, and Klein.

The mashgichim also had the privilege to hear words of chizzuk and brachah from leading rabbonim of the Los Angeles community. Rabbis Tauber, Raichik, Henig, Teichman, Langer, and Kesselman (Moshe) spoke to the mashgichim about the importance of their work and gave them chizzuk to continue with renewed chayus and energy.

Mashgichim went away with a renewed sense of purpose and with additional knowledge and tools to help them continue their important work of providing kosher food.

The OK would like to extend a special thank you to Noach Trainer of the OK Kosher West Coast office for all his help in arranging the seminar.