Emek Honors the Teichman Family at their Trustee Dinner


Emek Honors the Teichman Family at their Trustee Dinner

In February, Emek Hebrew Academy Teichman Family Torah Center held its 58th Annual Trustee Dinner at the Bella Blanca Banquet Hall in the San Fernando Valley. This year’s theme was “A Family Affair.”

The Master of Ceremonies was Dr. Roy Mansano, First Vice President of Emek. The school – along with the Teichman children, Dubby, Ahuva and Alan – announced the commissioning of a sefer Torah dedicated to Emek’s patriarch, Mr. Sol Teichman, in honor of his 90th birthday. The the Emek Girls Choir – comprised of 3rd and 4th grade girls and directed by Mrs. Rachel Seidel – sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “Hatikvah.”

Next, Rabbi Mordechai Shifman, Emek’s Head of School, addressed the crowd, explaining that the Teichman family’s mission is to replace that which was stolen from the Jewish people by the Nazis. They want every Jewish child to have the opportunity to receive a Jewish education and experience a genuine childhood. Rabbi Shifman then asked Mr. Teichman to deliver a few words.

Mr. Teichman presented a moving and heartfelt introduction to Rabbi Marvin Hier, the event’s keynote speaker. Rabbi Hier is the Dean and Founder of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Museum of Tolerance, and of Moriah, the Center’s film division. Rabbi Hier cited a midrash that states that when a person’s life is filled with hardship, he should turn to the song of Parshas Ha’azinu. Historical events, he explained, are like various points of a song; a song is never predictable; it’s filled with unexpected twists and turns. Often, we cannot see how all the points connect until the conclusion is reached. The Purim story is an excellent example of this concept: When it seems that the future of the Jewish People is in jeopardy, earlier events which had appeared completely unrelated ended up putting forces into motion that led to our salvation.

Similarly, with the history of the Teichman family, Hashem put forces into motion that brought Sol and Ruth to Los Angeles and resulted in the creation of Torah and chessed institutions that have provided education and assistance to tens of thousands of people.

Later, Congressman Brad Sherman of Sherman Oaks addressed the audience. Congressman Sherman shares a long history with Emek and has advocated for Emek and her interests within the San Fernando Valley. He thanked the Teichmans for building and maintaining wonderful institutions such as Emek. Additionally, the event was graced by the presence of Sam Grundwerg, Consul General of Israel. Consul General Grundwerg presented Sol and Ruth with a titanium kiddush cup and coaster in gratitude for their continuous love and support of Emek. Finally, Mrs. Dorothy Greenstein – a beloved, longtime teacher at Emek – presented a hand-painted portrait of the Teichman family to Dubby and Alan Teichman, her former students.

Mr. Brad Schachter of Nefesh Music entertained the guests in a hall bedazzled with gold and silver decorations. Highlight Photography was on hand to photograph the guests, and each invitee went home with a framed remembrance of the evening. The evening concluded with a dinner prepared by Mr. Nir Weinblut and a performance by Mr. Yanky Lunger. Mr. Ben R’bibo, Emek Board President, thanked all attendees for their unwavering support of Emek and presented the “A Day at Emek” video created by Mr. Adam Moses. The guests had the opportunity to daven maariv and partake in a delectable dessert reception. Hand-rolled cigars were available, and every guest left with a beautiful challah board.