Pesach and Ma’os Chitim at Gan Chabad Preschool


Pesach and Ma’os Chitim at Gan Chabad Preschool

The children at Gan Chabad Preschool have been busily preparing for Pesach and can’t wait to have four cups of grape juice, eat matzah, and use the beautiful items they have made for their families’ sedarim!

In addition to the facts about Pesach, the teachers explained many of Pesach’s beautiful customs, which draw Jewish hearts close to this holiday and create memories to treasure in the years to come. One of these age-old customs is not performed at the Seder, but before! This is the custom of giving ma’os chitim – literally, “wheat money.”

Gan Chabad Preschool held a special school-wide mitzvah campaign to raise funds for ma’os chitim to be donated to for Tomchei Shabbos. This mitzvah of ma’os chitim is close to home, as the donations will go directly to those in need in our community. Children naturally want to help others and are proud of the mitzvos they perform. At Gan Chabad Preschool, the teachers are instilling in the children the importance of giving to those who are less fortunate. When the school community performs this mitzvah together, everyone can feel the power and holiness of the mitzvah itself.

It was impressed upon the children that the Jewish nation is a singular nation; just as we want to experience freedom, we must help ensure all of our brothers and sisters are able to experience the same freedom on Pesach. The children gave generously to help ensure everyone has the necessary provisions to celebrate Pesach.