Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

My brother-in-law’s name is Alexander. Some of my wife’s relatives are named Alexander. Many people I know are named Alexander. They carry that name because 2000 years ago, Alexander the Great was kind to the Jewish people.

This doesn’t mean he was a noble person. It doesn’t mean he was on a moral level we would have wanted. It does mean that in a world which usually isn’t kind to the Jewish people, we recognize those who behave differently and say thank you.

This coming Monday, President Trump will fulfill the promise of all former presidents since the congressional approval in 1995 by inaugurating the new U.S. embassy in Jerusalem. Without getting into the details of its significance, let’s use this time to say thank you.

Thank you for being arguably the biggest friend the Jews have had in such high office, ever.

The Jewish people have a long memory, and you have entered it along with Alexander the Great and others who have helped our tiny nation along the way.

We pray the insatiable #resistance movement be unsuccessful in distracting you from fulfilling the duties you were voted in for.

We pray that G-d guide you in leading this nation in a just and fair way.

We pray that your efforts in reaching out to our allies in the Middle East bear fruit and that we experience peace in a not so distant future.

But most of all, we thank you for treating the Jewish people and country with respect and support.

G-d bless President Donald Trump, and G-d bless America.

Wishing you wonderful Shabbos,