YICC Packed for Yom Yerushalyim 2018 Event


YICC Packed for Yom Yerushalyim 2018 Event

A packed house of men and women at the newly remodeled Young Israel of Century City celebrated the 51st Yom Yerushalyim with davening and a musical hallel on Sunday morning, May 13, 2018. Sponsored by the RZLA (Religious Zionists of Los Angeles), with a generous gift by RVW Wealth, the community enjoyed a festive breakfast following the davening.

During the meal, those in the social hall viewed an inspirational video about the importance of Jersualem to the Jewish people. Rabbi Muskin, Senior Rabbi of YICC, delivered emotional words on the impact of Yom Yerushalyim on his own life and shared stories of that fateful day when Rav Goren, the IDF Chief Rabbi, received the shofar he blew at the Kotel from Hagaon Harav Shlomo Zalman Aurbach, ztz”l.

Many community rabbonim from surrounding shuls attended, including Rabbi Pini Dunner of Young Israel of North Beverly Hills and Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky of Bnai David, demonstrating unity within the city. Rabbi James Proops, YICC’s assistant rabbi, davened hallel accompanied by Dr. Mark Goldenberg, who played guitar, and by Dr. Yakov Agatstein, President of the RZLA, who played drums. Spontaneous dancing broke out in the middle of hallel.

Rabbi David Israel, Executive Vice president of the RZA (Religious Zionsits of America) flew out from New York to be present. He delivered a beautiful explanation of the shofar of the Jubilee and how it compares to the shofar blast that Rav Goren sounded at the Kotel in 1967 on the day it was recaptured by the IDF.

Many people expressed that they were on a spiritual high the the rest of the day after the morning event. May this recent event be a forerunner for the time when Klal Yisrael will merit the coming of the ultimate redemption, when the entire Jewish people will all celebrate together in its eternal undivided capital city, Jerusalem.