Hachnassas Sefer Torah Inaugurates New Home for LINK Kollel


Hachnassas Sefer Torah Inaugurates New Home for LINK Kollel

Rabbi Eli Stern 

The LINK Kollel in Los Angeles offered the public its first glimpse of its new building—still under construction—as it held a joyous hachnassas sefer Torah on the Sunday before Yom Kippur, September 16th. Hundreds of people from all walks of life joined together to celebrate the arrival of the new sefer, lovingly dedicated by Mr. and Mrs. Armand Azeroual and their children, Mr. and Mrs. Avy Azeroual, in honor of the bar mitzvah of their beloved grandson and son, Even (Amram Eliyahu).

The LINK Kollel, which is beginning its 17th year of service to the Jewish community, recently purchased their new home on Pico Boulevard. The funds raised that Sunday, from the community’s generous sponsorships of the five sefarim of the Torah and their 54 parshiyos, were dedicated to underwriting the considerable costs of the new building’s construction.

As the last stitches of the sefer Torah were being auctioned off, the crowd was treated to a beautiful concert by the renowned singer, Avraham David. In honor of this special occasion, three close associates of Mr. Avy Azeroual flew in from New York: Rabbi Mendel Tress, Rabbi Zevy Shick, and Rabbi Eli Breiner. Their presence greatly enhanced the simchah.

With great fervor and joy, the crowd danced the sefer Torah to its new home at the Magen Avot Shul led by LINK’s Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Mordechai Lebhar, about six blocks away. Pico Boulevard, the major east-west thoroughfare of the frum community, was closed in both directions in honor of this special occasion. Upon the parade’s arrival at Magen Avot, the dancing reached its climax, and the other sifrei Torah were taken out to greet the new scroll. Then, all the sefarim were escorted into the shul with one final burst of joyous accompaniment.