Sol Teichman, z”l, Remembered at Emek Hebrew Academy Teichman Family Torah Center


Sol Teichman, z”l, Remembered at Emek Hebrew Academy Teichman Family Torah Center

On the evening of October 14th, Emek hosted a memorial program to celebrate the legacy and accomplishments of our patriarch, Mr. Sol Teichman, z”l. Over 700 attendees were inspired listening to the addresses delivered by various community leaders and family members. The program culminated with a special video presentation that focused upon various life messages that we could learn from the way Mr. Teichman conducted himself throughout his life. Many of those gathered walked away with a renewed sense of commitment and responsibility towards Jewish education and community life. May those actions inspired by the evening be an elevation for his soul.

Highlights of the evening included memorable quotes from several outstanding speakers.

Rabbi Mordechai Shifman, of Emek Hebrew Academy—Teichman Family Torah Center, explained, “Tonight we gather not to mourn Sol’s passing but rather to celebrate his legacy. Sol’s mission for the last 60 years was to replace what was stolen from him personally and millions of others by the accursed Nazis: Jewish Education. Sol, you have accomplished all that you needed to accomplish, and you have left no debt unpaid; on the contrary, you have left an entire community that is eternally indebted to you.”

Mr. Dubby Teichman, Mr. Sol Teichman’s son, said, “Seeing the ten sagely members of the chevra kaddisha performing seven hakafos around my father’s body before burying him evoked a deep emotional response within me. A select few celebrate a second set of hakafos. My father celebrated his first set of hakafos in his childhood, studying Torah in the beis midrash of the Minchas Elazar. These hakafos were interrupted by the Holocaust. He rose from the ashes of Europe to dance his second set of hakafos for 70 years fighting to ensure the continuity of the Jewish People. Only then was the sefer Torah ready to be put back in the aron.”

Dovid and Yitzy Levine, grandson-in-law and great-grandson to Mr. Teichman, made a siyum on Shas Mishnayos l’ilui nishmas Chaim Shlomo Zalman ben Shmiel. Another grandson, Evan Teichman, said, “One way of attaining nechama is taking two character traits of my Saba and trying to integrate them into my life.”

Rabbi Baruch Yehuda Graydon, Rosh Kollel of Merkaz HaTorah Kollel, Los Angeles, shared that, “Sol was always surrounded with a positive energy. Sol never had a question as to why he survived. He had a mission. He was tasked with three tasks. He needed to dedicate his life to Jewish education and Jewish children, reestablish the Munkacz Chassidic dynasty and lastly, the proliferation of chessed.”

Alan Teichman, a son of Mr. Teichman remembered, “The man you saw on the outside was the man that you saw on the inside. My father could not have been blessed with a better suited partner with which to travel through life. My father gave us the gift of memories. Dad’s approach to business can be summed up in four word’s integrity, honesty, alacrity, and reliability.”

Rabbi Marvin Hier, Founder and Dean of Wiesenthal Center, lauded Mr. Teichman’s community service. “In every generation there are individuals seeped with the hallowed traditions of the past held over from a past generation for the expressed purpose of imbuing them with a cause. There is no one more deserving to have his grave facing the rebuilt Medinat Yisrael, in the eternal capital of our people until the coming of Mashiach.”