Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

Exactly a year ago, I was sitting with my aunt, Leah Rubashkin, at a Chanukah party. All we spoke about was when would Sholom Mordechai come home. Although they knew serious efforts were being made towards his release at the highest levels, they were still not sure what would happen.

It had been a few months already since the newest efforts had begun, and yet stumbling block after stumbling seemed to get in their way. Would this time be different??

It turned out that his release would be so unexpected that when they summoned my uncle to tell him he was free, he thought that for some unknown reason he was being sent to solitary confinement!

Such is how deliverance works. We go through a challenge, a struggle. While we’re experiencing it, it doesn’t feel like there’s any way to overcome it. There is no other reality.

But then there is. We are suddenly removed from that mindset or experience and start seeing and understanding things differently. A moment passes, and we can’t put ourselves back into the limited reality we were in right before.

This is the way the world was created. Some days are bright, our purpose clear, things just seem to fall into place. Other days are grey and draggy. It’s hard to find purpose and motivation, and everything seems to be the world’s biggest problem.

This is where the Chanukah lights come in. Their eternal flames show us that good is stronger and will carry the day in the end.

This year Chanukah began with the announcement that, thank G-d, the IDF found the tunnels dug by Hezbollah in order to attack cities in the north of Israel.

We are sure that the G-d of Israel, who neither slumbers nor sleeps, will continue to show miracles wherever Jews are—leading into the miraculous times of the coming of our long-awaited redeemer.

Wishing you an enjoyable and inspiring Shabbos Chanukah,