Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

What is it about cynicism that’s so appealing? For some people, it’s almost like a drug beckoning us to ride its high. Is it the false sense of strength of being able to say, “I think it didn’t happen,” or “Who said it’s a good thing?”

In reality, cynicism is poison. It poisons us from appreciating people and things around us. I would argue that cynicism shouldn’t be used even against wrong ideas.

This is what Amalek was about. He knew he would lose the war, but it wasn’t about winning. He wanted to pour cold water on the hot panic and awe the nations of the world had towards the Jewish people. Once he started up, the appearance of invincibility that the Yidden had acquired during the makkos and at the Yam Suf disappeared.

For that reason, we are commanded to remember and destroy Amalek for all eternity. Amalek is the archenemy of truth. He doesn’t argue with logic; he says, “So what?” or “Big deal!” or “Who said?” Once he pops his cynical question, the aura of absolute truth has faded.

The strength to win against Amalek comes from the Moshe Rabbeinu in each generation. When His hands are raised which leads to Yidden look up to Hashem, v’gavar Yisrael.

May we experience the ultimate truth with the coming of Mashiach.

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos,