Honoring the Men Behind the Mask at Spivak Ed. Center Gala 2019

Spivak Educational Center hosted its third annual gala event on March 14, 2019, honoring four men who contribute to the school from “behind the scenes.”

The Purim themed event was held at The Mark on Pico Boulevard, featuring costume masks and purple hues. Cecelie Wizenfeld, Director of School, and Rabbi Gabriel Elias, Head of School, presented the awards to the honorees. Phillip Seelig was honored with the Recognition Award for his service as the President of the School Board for the past eight years. Isaac Wizenfeld and Robert Blitzstein received the Hakarat Hatov Awards for their service to the school. Mr. Wizenfeld has been acting bookkeeper for the past three years. Mr. Blitzstein has been the accountant and active board member of the school. Ramiro Saucedo received the Staff Award for serving as the lead custodial staff since the inception of the school ten years ago.

In an emotional presentation, Ramiro received his award. Last year Ramiro received a life-threatening incident that kept him from his work at the school. Immediately, Spivak Ed. Center went to work to create a fund to help cover the medical expenses for their beloved staff member. Ramiro returned to work with lots of love from the community that cares greatly for him. It was an act of Chesed and Tzedakah that exemplified the very essence of what Spivak Educational Center stands for and teaches daily in davening, Tefilah, and Torah learning.

Entertainment included the performance by the Spivak Elementary Choir, featuring the 1st – 5th grade classes. The choir was accompanied by Rabbi Amitai Steindler, teacher at Spivak Ed. Center, and conducted by Kayla Linson, Director of Operations. Eli Lebowicz, Stand Up Comedian, hosted the event and brought a large dose of kosher comedy!

Spivak Educational Center offers a pre-school and Elementary school, 1st – 5th grade. The school follows the principle written in Sefer Mishlei, “Chanoch Hana’ar Al Pi Darko,” which means each child is educated according to their needs and strengths. Spivak Ed. Center emphasizes the developmental and whole-child approach to education. The school believes in the great importance of recognizing each child and student as an individual, while providing a strong and competitive academic curriculum for both Secular and Judaic studies. With the wonderful success of their third annual Gala, Spivak Educational Center continues to grow and thrive each year in the West LA Jewish community!