Dear readers,

We’re coming from the geulah of Purim and approaching the geulah of Pesach. One represents redemption within nature; and the other, outside of it.

In Nissan, we head into supernatural miracles of Yetziyas Mitzrayim. Despite dramatic reversals of natural laws, the Mitzrim didn’t change at the end of the story; Moshe Rabbeinu wasn’t honored. Rather, Hashem used the supernatural to force Paroh to send us packing.

In life, we sometimes need to “flee” a current challenge, be it an addiction, an emotional or mental constraint, or even the complacency born of the day-in-day-out rote rituals of life. We feel trapped in a rut and don’t see a way out. The month of Nissan gives us the power to rise above and be redeemed from all that holds back our natural feeling of being free.

This atmosphere of Nissim is a good time to challenge ourselves and take a leap in our avodas Hashem—be it increasing in Torah learning, being meticulous about mitzvos, or being appreciative of what we have. Miracles do happen.

It’s also a time to yearn for the future redemption. Like Yetziyas Mitzrayim, it will unfold in a miraculous way. Indeed, the medrash tells us that the miracles associated with the coming of Mashiach will make our leaving Mitzrayim look like nature!

Living with an expectation that Mashiach is on the way and can come momentarily doesn’t mean we become tzaddikim. In Mitzrayim, it took two mitzvos, done with mesiras nefesh, to make us worthy of redemption. Let us each find an area or action that we take upon our selves to do with intense devotion. We will then be proud that we were a part of it.

Wishing you an inspirational Shabbos Hagadol,