Dear Readers..


Dear readers,

Often, when discussing differing views with others, we reach a point where neither side will convince the other. In fact, sometimes the very same logic will be brought as proof by each side.

In the larger political arena, this is true, as well. Even the most outlandish of opinions or ideas may be based on a salient point (albeit totally misapplied).

This is where conviction comes in. It is a power within us that can be harnessed, correctly, as an engine dedicated to the ideals we hold to be true. Of course, we want to convince people of the justice of our cause, but even when unsuccessful, we forge ahead on the beaten path of Torah and mitzvos.

“A little light expels lots of darkness,” begins with us. Instead of tackling each idea or claim made by our ideological opponents—an impossible feat now that there’s social media and anyone can issue statements as if they are an expert, all day and all night—we should stack up acts of goodness and kindness. A kind word to those around us (beginning with our children), a listening ear to our spouse or close ones, a bit of extra focus on Who we are davening to and what we are saying, or giving some real brain space to Torah learning—these all will help us think healthfully and logically.

Ha’elokim asa es ha’adam yashar, viheima bikshu cheshbonos rabim.” We were created on the straight path, but since the beginning of time, we have searched for views and pleasures that are foreign to our original selves. Each and every bit of light we add to our lives strengthens our essence and banishes that which has attached itself to us.

The noise we see and hear around us feels strong, and at times overwhelming, but G-d is on the side of goodness. Thus, in the end, goodness will prevail. And when it does, the whole world will to see its truth.

May it happen very soon.

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos,