OU West Coast Gala Banquet Recognizes Rabbi and Mrs. Kalinsky and Pat’s Restaurant and Catering


OU West Coast Gala Banquet Recognizes Rabbi and Mrs. Kalinsky and Pat’s Restaurant and Catering

Yehudis Litvak

On June 18th, over 300 people attended the Orthodox Union (OU) West Coast Gala banquet at the Sephardic Temple in Los Angeles, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the organization and honoring Rabbi Alan and Sandy Kalinsky. The Kalinskys received the Keter Shem Tov award at the banquet.

Rabbi Kalinsky is the director of OU West Coast and has been serving the local Jewish community for over 33 years. He is transitioning to retirement in the next two years, passing along his responsibilities to the next generation of leadership.

Before coming to Los Angeles, Rabbi Kalinsky served as a pulpit rabbi on the East Coast and as a chaplain in the air force. When he joined the OU West Coast, it had been a fledging office. “Rabbi Kalinsky built the OU office on the West Coast to its prominent position, directing the full range of the OU services: NCSY, Yachad, JLIC, and now advocacy as well,” says Martin Nachimson, past president of the OU, who presented the awards at the Gala. “The highlight of the banquet was thanking Rabbi Kalinsky for his years of service.”

Rabbi Kalinsky’s wife, Sandy, has always been a partner in his work, giving shiurim, organizing events for women, and actively participating in the community. Both Rabbi and Mrs. Kalinsky are involved in all aspects of Jewish life on the West Coast, traveling to various synagogues as scholars-in-residence and serving as mentors for many Jewish professionals.

“Rabbi Kalinsky’s role extends much beyond the OU,” says Mr. Nachimson. “On a personal note, Rabbi Kalinsky is not only the OU West Coast Director, but a life-long friend. Many people look at him that way, and the huge turn out at the Gala is a testimony of that.”

In addition to the Kalinskys, the OU West Coast also recognized the contribution of Pat’s Restaurant and Catering to the local kashrus scene. At the banquet, Errol and Pat Fine, owners of Pat’s, received the OU National Kashrut Award for upgrading kashrus standards in Los Angeles. “When Pat’s first opened as a small store, there was a void in the kosher gourmet industry,” says Mr. Nachimson. “With their uncompromising drive for excellence and elegancy, Pat’s has changed how we see the industry today.”