Tomchei LA’S Golf Classic 


Tomchei LA’S Golf Classic 

Tova Abady

Tomchei LA’s Annual Golf Classic, held July 1st at Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, was by all accounts a truly spectacular event. The event was launched five years ago to help continue the vital work of this well-known organization which benefits the entire L.A. Jewish community.

Participants arrived having purchased various golf packages, including contests along the course such as “Closest to the Hole,” “Getting Onto the Green” (which resulted in winning a golf club of choice), raffle tickets, and other surprises. Attendees then enjoyed a delicious dinner catered by Pat’s followed by a program with videos and speakers.

Additional opportunities to participate included buying into a “Split the Pot” golf ball contest. The golf balls were later dropped by helicopter as happy golfers watched and videoed while sipping cocktails and hors d’oeuvres from the club patio. The person with the ball that landed closest to the hole split a $11,000 jackpot.

No detail was left out by event planner Jenny Kdoshim, who made sure that all 14 hours were packed with enjoyable activities and gave her personal attention to all attendees. Everyone from golfers to staff to volunteers complimented the attractive venue with beautiful scenery and ocean views all along the course. Attendee Shaindl Leanse commented that the fresh breeze added a lot of vitality to the game.

During dinner, attendees watched an original video, both comic and serious, titled The GolfFather (spoofing the Godfather film). It starred Tomchei LA Executive Director Shneur Braunstein, who told his “henchman” to go to Pico, Beverly Hills, La Brea, and environs to fill up briefcases with cash to enable the lifesaving work of Tomchei LA.

Digital signs flashed important information about the work of Tomchei LA. Impressively, annual expenses exceed four million dollars and Tomchei LA has only a four percent overhead. Ninety-six percent of all funds raised goes directly to recipients in need. In the past year, over 2900 individuals were assisted with brand new clothing, over 250 families have been assisted with furniture, over 200 candidates assisted with Job Link, and other families have received assistance for utilities and rent on an emergency basis. These types of aid are in addition to Tomchei Shabbos, which provides food for the week, Shabbos, and holidays to families in need.

Shneur Braunstein thanked several people for making the event possible, including Jenny Kdoshim—she has worked on all events since the first one held. He also thanked Ari and Vanessa Blau, who made the video.

Rabbi Yona Landau, President of Tomchei LA, remarked that the only one Shneur Braunstein neglected to thank was Shneur Braunstein, who is extraordinarily dedicated to L.A.’s Jewish community. Rabbi Landau also said that 54 individuals will no longer need assistance thanks to the amazing Job Link director, Tova Klein, who connected them all to a new job. Another individual Rabbi Landau praised was Yossi Manela, who does all the accounting work for Tomchei LA pro bono. Tomchei was Manela’s first client, and now he has a thriving business. Rabbi Landau said it is greatly appreciated when members of the community (like Manela) contact Tomchei LA to offer their services, to donate funds to the organization (more funds are needed as there are thousands of individuals living below the poverty line), or to offer jobs to fellow Jews.

Preparations will shortly be underway for next year’s Golf Classic and getting reservations in early is recommended. A few golfers at the Tomchei LA Golf Classic inquired as to whether the U.S. President, who has visited the golf course with this family, might attend next year. A few staff members were hopeful that could happen.