Dear Readers..


Dear readers,

When I was a teenager, and we would form teams to play sports, I generally allowed the other captain to pick the better players. This meant he had the better team and was expected to win. My team, on the other hand, was expected to lose. An emotional win-win situation: if we won, everyone was impressed, and if we lost—well, what did you expect!

While deferring decisions can come from a good place, especially on non-consequential issues, it can also be an escape from responsibility. “You decide; I’d rather not be responsible,” is a negative response if we are supposed to be in charge at that moment.

Each one of us is supposed to be a leader in certain areas of our lives. If, in the name of humility, we shy away from that responsibility, saying, “Who am I?” we have not only failed those around us, we have failed ourselves. Taking a position of strength and focusing on what’s needed to get the job done isn’t selfish, it’s the right thing to do.

As children, spouses, parents, and members of our community, we need to strengthen what we have to offer and play our specific instrument in the orchestra called life to the best of our ability.

All previous generations have their eyes on our us, amazed at our resilience in the face apathy and at times mockery of all that we hold dear.

May we finish our mission, ushering in the times of Mashiach in 5779 yet!

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos,