Dear Readers..


Dear readers,

There’s something in the Chanukah lights which moves people in a very deep way. Part of it is due to memories of ourselves while we were children and—not yet jaded—still experienced the world as pure.

Another part is the message the holiday carries: Might isn’t determined by size. A small army can win, and a single flask of oil can give all the light needed.

But, ultimately, I think it’s the lights themselves. “Ki ner mitzvah v’Torah or,” all mitzvos are compared to a flame, but in the Chanukah lights it’s literal. There’s a physical warmth and a bright light that’s part of the mitzvah, as well as the kedushah itself. It is therefore the only mitzvah associated with light from which we are not allowed to derive any benefit. A physical flame becomes a holy flame.

When possible, we should spend time by the candles looking at them, internalizing its message of spirit over matter, the Torah over Greek and secular philosophy.

The world can use a lot of light. Let us share the message of Chanukah with those around us, ushering in the time when darkness shall be banished forever.

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos Chanukah,