Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

We have witnessed the world change right before our eyes. Laws, perspectives, and attitudes which we would have never dreamed of have interrupted our familiar reality. For the believer, this isn’t as startling. It’s no virtue to trust in mankind, and of course the Creator’s mind surpasses our reason and imagination.

Yet, we still walk around in a daze. We worry that society is crumbling. Political discord infiltrates our personal lives. The tool called fear is being successfully deployed all around us.

Many of the good habits we worked on in previous years were shaken up in 5780: being careful to daven with a minyan, visiting the lonely, and helping the elderly. We’ve had to delay gatherings —weddings, bar mitzvahs, siyums—or at least reduce their size and scope. As they become safe again, we’ll need to dig deep to recommit to these exercises in growth and joy.

Indeed, our introspection in this month of Elul must include a pledge to restart what was lost and to take our avodas Hashem to the next level.

We are the cusp of global change. To the observant Jew, this always indicates an additional step towards Geulah Sheleimah.

Let’s not fall asleep at the wheel. Let’s continue putting extra effort into every moment’s action, speech, or deed. One never knows, we might be wrapping up the final act of exile and commencing the first act of redemption.

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos Selichos,