Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

The Middle East will never be the same again. Peace with Israel is no longer taboo—indeed looks like it will become mainstream in the very near future. We are witnessing a modern miracle.

Additionally, this peace comes from a place of respect. A respect for Israel’s success in areas such as water, technology, and medicine to name a few. It is now in the self-interest of fair-minded Arabic countries to have financial cooperation with the Jewish State. They plan to welcome Jewish businessman from the world over.

Who knows, perhaps the Palestinian Arabs will rise up against their corrupt leadership and demand their right to live a life of peace and opportunity and not live in perpetual conflict?

This atmosphere of reversal seems to be everywhere right now—not only in public spaces, but in private ones. Within my circle of acquaintances (and I imagine the same is true for other people), there’s a real shift in improving the way we behave: additional Torah learning, being more considerate of others, more careful about keeping kosher, and so on. We might call it a silent revolution of individual improvement.

This might be a good new year’s resolution: to see reality based on what we are experiencing and not let the news sites, Facebook, or Instagram portray it for us. We can see the world through the lens of despair, or we can choose to see it through the lens of growth and opportunity. Let’s choose life.

May 5781 bring much healing, blessing and ultimately the geulah sheleimah.

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos, a ksiva v’chasima tova, l’shanah tovah u’mesukah,