Dear Readers..


Dear readers,

Being the final paper before this year’s presidential election, I want to share some thoughts pertaining to it.

Yiddishkeit puts tremendous emphasis on having a refined character, whether it be the way one behaves or the way one speaks. Indeed, in this week’s parashah the Torah says “…and from the animals which are not pure…” instead of using the word tamei, impure to avoid using negative language unless a must.

This being said, when it comes to voting for an elected official, actions carry the day. We need to ask ourselves: Do I agree with the majority of laws passed in the previous four years? Do I agree with the choice of people nominated as judges, heads of departments, and ambassadors? Do I like the way President Trump has handled our relationship with Russia, China, Iran, Israel, ISIS, Syria, and the rest of the Middle East? Am I happy with the direction the country is heading financially?

Do I like the laws Senator Biden has supported? Do I like the people he has surrounded himself with? Do I like his record of his 47 years in Washington?

The way I see it we should be voting for another four years of what we’ve seen, instead of a continuation of business as usual in Washington a Biden presidency would bring.

Perhaps we should go kicking and screaming, but bottom line we should vote for Donald J. Trump to be president for the next four years.

May Jews in the United States continue to live in peace and success right through the coming of Mashiach Tzidkeinu. May it be very soon.

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos,