Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

Do we care about election results? Doesn’t Hashem run the world regardless of an election’s outcome? If we do care, how can I be gracious to those who think someone else should win?

As usual, Jews answer a question with a question: Do I care if I get the raise I’ve hoped for? How do I react if my coworker gets one and I don’t? Am I worried when crime is up in the neighborhood? What if my neighborhood is safer but others’ isn’t? What if spouses disagree? Should a wife rejoice when her husband is disappointed—or vice versa?

Of course, we care about the election. Of course, Hashem runs the world as well as the outcome of this very election. And, of course, we cherish people on a deeper level than their choice even if we believe they are absolutely wrong!

It’s no secret that in this election the majority of the frum world wanted the Republican party and President Trump to be successful -indeed most minorities had an uptick in support of conservatives. I surmise that a lot has to do with our being sick and tired of the ridicule the media and the far Left have directed at believers these past few decades. True, we usually have an attitude of live and let live, but when people who aren’t religious enter our lives trying to control what we teach in schools and how we address halachic issues, we understandably became extremely resentful.

In addition to being pro-Israel and promoting policies a plurality of frum Yidden like, many in our community view Trump as a bulwark against an overreaching Left.

That being said, everything in our life comes from Hashem, and there is nothing to be worried about or afraid of. And it’s definitely against the Torah to be disrespectful or show a lack of care for people we think are wrong.

It is currently 1:00 pm, Wednesday, and election results have yet to be finalized. I write these lines with the belief that we made the right choice and voted in President Donald Trump as president of the United States.

We all have full trust in Hashem that He will continue showering us and all peace-loving humans with success, peace, and prosperity. Leading to us into the days of light, joy, and laughter that will accompany the coming of Mashiach.

Wishing you a joyous Shabbos,