Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

Yidden always knew that no matter what was going on in the world we can always turn inward and find strength and peace of mind in our Siddurim and Seforim. Davening and learning created a sort of oasis in an otherwise turbulent world.

Each of us can grow in our concentration while Davening or the intensity of learning and now is the best time to dive in. It will help in our peace of mind, our spiritual state and our moral clarity.

From the Greeks to the Communists they knew that a Yid without Torah is like fish without water. The Torah is the well from which we get our strength.

We don’t need new wells from which to drink or new causes for which to find fulfilment. We have our eternal and Living Torah which guides us and gives us the meaning needed to go through our everyday lives with purpose and fulfilment.

We don’t have actual Greeks to wage war with but the battle isn’t done until the cynics become believers and the scoffers find faith. The completion of which will happen when the exile is finally over and the redemption begins. May it happen in the very near future.

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos, and a freilichen Chanukah,