Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

Hachodesh hazeh lachem rosh chadashim, this month shall be the first of the months. We Yidden count the years starting from Rosh Hashanah, while the months start from Nissan.

There’s a natural way Hashem runs this world that is reflected in the cycle of the sun. Then we have the supernatural, reflected in the monthly cycle of the moon. Yidden count by to the moon because we are compared to the moon. Sometimes less light, sometimes more, but in the end we’ll be renewed as the new moon is.

This is what Zeresh alluded to when she told Haman that Mordechai being a Jew meant that once Haman began to fall and Mordechai rise it would be too late.

The month of Adar is now ending and the month of Nissan beginning. Both celebrate miraculous events that occurred bayomim hahem bizman hazeh. In Adar it’s the miraculous, enclothed in nature. And in Nissan it transcends nature. In one, fasting and Teshuva went together with a shrewd plan of action. In the other Hashem did the planning, and we just had to focus on the Mitzvos given us.

Our Avodas Hashem has these components as well. There’s the status quo day-in day-out Torah and Mitzvos that we do. Then there are times when greater sacrifice, both literally and figuratively, are needed. If we do ours, Hashem will surely do His.

Chof Hey Adar marked the entry into the 120th year since the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Rebbetzin A”H was born. In addition to being very intelligent and of extreme noble and gracious character, the Rebbetzin personified modesty. Most Lubavitcher Chassidim who grew up in the same neighborhood as her had never seen her in person! She knew that as the Rebbetzin she would get different treatment and would have none of it.

Inner peace and contentment vs superficiality that comes from outside stimuli is something the world can use a nice dose of now. Simple acts of attentiveness and graciousness to others goes a long way for both recipient and the giver. It’s in the silent act of giving that the soul touches the divine.

May we see great miracles of all kinds with the coming of Moshiach when we will have all the Tzadikim and Tzidkaniyos return to us here in this world speedily in our days.

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos and a Chodesh shel Geulah,