Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

3,333 years ago the Yidden in Mitzraim were instructed by Moshe to take a sheep, the idol of the Egyptians, and tie it to their beds. They were to explain to anyone asking that in a few days they would be shechting the animal as commanded by Hashem. Talk about a test of faith!

When the first-born Egyptians asked why the Yidden had sheep and were told that Hashem was going to kill all first-born Egyptians, they started a civil war in which many Jew haters on both sides were killed. The Yidden didn’t have to lift a finger or be involved at all. The Mitzri’im did the job for them. When we do what’s needed from us Hashem takes care of the rest.

Fast forward. The Yidden are being chased by the Egyptians with nowhere to go. Everyone panics. Hashem tells Moshe Rabbeinu “talk to the people of Israel and they shall travel.” The different response to the threat posed by Amalek and that of the Egyptians is interesting. Amalek needed to be wiped out. The Egyptians were to be ignored. We had to do the fighting against the Egyptians, Hashem waged war against Amalek.

The key difference is the position of the challenger. The Egytians were behind us so we were told to forge ahead. Amalek was in front of us so we needed to wage war.

Not every battle is meant to be fought. The litmus test is simple; is it in the way of our mission? Then take it head on. If it isn’t then we need to focus all our energy in learning Torah and keeping the Mitzvos.

May we experience true freedom with the coming of Moshiach now.

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos Hagadol and a Kasher un Freilichen Pesach,