Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

We all grew up with the story of the two brothers who would each drop a bundle of wheat at the other’s house thinking that it was the other brother who could use it more than he can.

In today’s society, this story would occur with opposite results. Each individual would think how they are more entitled than the other, “my brother has kids and I don’t!” “my brother only has 2 mouths to feed and I, 10!” Each of them would go steal a bundle at night until they eventually bump into each other…

Secular consumerism has created an atmosphere of 3 gods: Me, Myself and I. This culture actually frowns upon the type of altruism depicted in that story. What we knew in our bones as children to be good is suddenly a weakness.

Although this has always been true, it seems to have reached new heights – or rather new lows. Basic manners and being gracious to another have become an accomplishment.

Yet the old truths are as strong as ever. The more space we allow for Hashem in our lives, the less we will be consumed by the insatiable I. The essence of this I is a sinkhole that would like to swallow everything in it and self-destruct. This easily explains the extreme behavior going on around us.

Understanding this is both frightening and liberating. It shows how low we can sink yet how high we can rise and the tremendous enjoyment this gives our Creator.

We can already feel the imminence of Bias Moshiach – the footsteps are getting closer and closer. Let us stay strong as the train pulls into the station. It would be a pity to become lax at the last minute.

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos,