Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

We all have our complaints about the mainstream media and its obsession with negative stories, creating a feeling that’s all that’s going on around us.

The question is though; which came first the chicken or the egg? Is the media creating an atmosphere in which we enjoy and look for the next person who falters or is the media sharing stories people are looking for?

The reality is that we’ll find what we look for. If we believe that humans are ultimately selfish and self-centered then that’s what we’ll see. If, however we acknowledge that indeed we were created that way but we can and do rise above it, then that’s what we’ll come across. The choice is up to us.

The menuchas hanefesh this brings us and our families is the cherry on the top. Instead of seeing every story in negative light, we’ll look a little deeper and say the good within.

Lag Ba’omer is the perfect time to try this out; let’s be uninterested in gossip and negative news bites and alternatively, look out for random acts of goodness and kindness happening all around us. We may just discover a whole different reality!

May the Zchus of Rebi Shimon Bar Yochai help protect all Yidden and indeed all nations of the world. Ushering us into a time when the occupation of all will be to know our creator.

Wishing you a joyous Lag Baomer and a wonderful Shabbos,