Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

Shavuos articles typically refer to the greatness of our eternal Torah and its Mitzvos. They might also speak of the grand, world-changing giving of the Torah on Har Sinai and the preparations the Yidden undertook.

However, let’s focus on the uniqueness of the Yid down here in the physical world.

The Gemara in Maseches Shabbos recounts a back and forth between the malachim and Moshe Rabbeinu atop the mountain. They had challenged Hashem’s giving of the Torah to mortals, saying “give your splendor to the heavens.” The physical world is no place for the Torah to be given.

Moshe Rabbeinu answered: Let’s see what it says in the Torah. It speaks of Yetzias Mitzrayim. Keeping Shabbos. Honoring parents. Not being jealous etc. Were you in Mitzrayim? Do you work six days a week? Do you have parents? Do you have envy or an evil inclination?

At first glance it seems that Moshe’s answer is a technical one. Being that you don’t work 6 days a week you can’t rest. You don’t have parents, therefore you cannot honor them, and so on.

Indeed, in substance it seems that the malachim were right. The Torah is spiritual and holy and should therefore be given to angels. The more spiritual the better.

There’s a Medrash tana d’vei Eliyahu that asks “which came first, the Yidden or the Torah? What does it say in the Torah, tzav es bnei yisrael, daber el bnei yisrael. Must be Yidden came first and the Torah is there for them.”

The Yid, in this world, with all our challenges, beginning with the fight with our Yetzer Hara, is the center of everything. This world, the spiritual worlds, the angels and even the Torah, is here so that a Yid will be alive and do a Mitzvah in this world. The Torah was given to us not despite our being human, but because of it.

G-d had a desire that He be known and eventually revealed in the lowest possible world – so here we are. We shouldn’t feel like we want to escape, that would be the easy way. We need to find ways to infuse our physical lives with our Neshama. Davening, learning, being kind and the rest of the Mitzvos literally brings G-dliness into our lives.

We have the greatest opportunity, angels would give everything, to be able to choose that which our Creator wants us to.

We are at the end of our long journey and hope our Father in heaven takes us all home very soon, bringing peace to the Holy Land and indeed the entire world.

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos, and a joyous & meaningful receiving of the Torah,