The Shivas Haminim Exhibit at YAYOE Educates and Inspires Students


The Shivas Haminim Exhibit at YAYOE Educates and Inspires Students

Yehudis Litvak

Creative expression applied to Torah learning resulted in a stunning and educational exhibit for all ages at Yeshiva Aharon Yaakov Ohr Eliyahu (YAYOE). With guidance from YAYOE’s art director, Mrs. Sharon Saks, and director of student activities, Mrs. Rochel Weichbrod, each grade designed a beautiful display about one of the shivas haminim, full of facts about each of the species as well as the lessons to be learned from the species.

The exhibit was part of an annual initiative to increase the students’ connection to and appreciation for Eretz Yisrael and its kedusha. Mrs. Weichbrod chose the theme of shivas haminim for this year. She collaborated with Mrs. Sacks, who “took my vision and brought it to life,” says Mrs. Weichbrod.

The exhibit was a school-wide project. Even the preschoolers participated – they recorded a song about the shivas haminim that was played at the exhibit. Mrs. Weichbrod continues, “The most special part for me was to watch the process and to see the results – the learning, the collaboration, and how rewarding it was for the kids to see their work.” She explains that the students worked with a lot of enthusiasm, bringing what they learned in class into their projects.

Each station at the exhibit invited the visitors to use all five senses to learn about the particular species. They could even sample each species, including cholent with barley. Each grade contributed a part of the exhibit according to their abilities.

Once the exhibit was assembled, each grade was invited to see it in turn. 7th grade girls served as ushers for the girls and 8th grade boys served as ushers for the boys. Mrs. Weichbrod explains that they did an amazing job, developing confidence and leadership skills. The parents also had an opportunity to see the exhibit after school hours. Unfortunately, YAYOE could not invite students from other schools due to COVID regulations, but they are hoping to do so next year.