Press Release:


Once Believed Impossible, Now You Can Perform the Mitzvah of Sh’mitta from ANYWHERE In the World!

“The mitzvah of sh’mitta is only for Jewish farmers” is an oft repeated, but untrue misconception. With the upcoming sh’mitta year, Zo Artzeinu is on a mission to give everyone the opportunity to take part in this rare mitzvah. The Torah blesses all who observe sh’mitta with bountifulness, and no longer does this apply only to Israeli farmers.

HaRav Yaakov Ariel, leading Posek on all mitzvos of the Land of Israel, former Chief Rabbi of Ramat Gan, and President of Torah VeHa’aretz has said of the Israel Trees project:

through this partnership [you] KEEP THE MITZVAH AS WELL because the Land belongs to us all… I therefore bless the efforts of Zo Artzeinu’s Sh’mitta Campaign.”

As these trees are being freshly planted, purchasers will also share in the mitzvah of arlah, the prohibition of tending to a tree in its first three years. For the purpose of arlah, every tree MUST be planted before Rosh Chodesh Elul, so the time to plant trees is running out!

Sh’mitta is one of the most difficult mitzvos for Israeli farmers to keep—by observing the full halachos, they are placing their entire livelihood in the hands of Hashem and trusting Him for success. On top of the mitzvos of sh’mitta and arlah that each person receives when they plant a tree in Israel, they are also answering the prayers of farmers who are having this tremendous emunas Hashem.

Every person who purchases a tree will receive a certificate of authenticity from Zo Artzeinu which will affirm the tree that they planted. Trees can be planted on behalf of other people as a gift, in honor of someone’s memory, or as a dedication for any occasion.

Plus, from Rosh Chodesh Av (Motzei Shabbos, July 10th) until Motzei Tu B’Av (Sunday, July 25th), Zo Arzeinu is doubling all orders.

For each fruit tree ordered, they will be planting two!

Trees are actively being planted right now; anyone who wants this mitzvah must plant trees while they are still able to be planted in Israel. If you would like to take part in this momentous mitzvah, you can plant a tree at