Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

The month of Elul is a serious and reflective month. It’s a time for us to take stock of the past year, strengthening the good behaviors and correcting the errors.

Yet, there’s a strong underlying joy in this. The knowledge that Hashem wants us to return and welcomes us with outstretched arms shows how Hashem views us even in our present state and is reason for deep-felt gladness. Indeed, it is for the reason the Mishnah says “There are no great days compared to the days of Tu B’av and Yom Kippur.”

The Baal Hatanya describes the month of Elul with a parable of a king: throughout the year there are limitations and rules governing who can visit him, but when he returns from a trip the citizens of each town have access to him, going out to greet him as he passes, and he greets all with a pleasant countenance. Those who wish to do so may then follow the king back into the city and palace.

Knowing this gives a tremendous boost in our Avodas Hashem in general and specifically in the month of Elul.

As timeless values and even the use of basic objective logic crumbles around us, it’s become clearer than ever that as Yidden we need to turn to our G-d given eternal Torah of truth to study and rely on to get us through the final stretch of exile and into the Geulah Shleima.

May it be through open and revealed miracles.

Wishing you an inspiring Chodesh Elul and a wonderful Shabbos,