Dear Readers..


Dear Readers,

At times it feels like someone popped an enormous balloon of anxiety and sprinkled it upon all of society. Wherever we turn we encounter anxious people, some more and some less. Where is this coming from? Is it the constant discussion of a virus? Is it the prevalent intolerance for people with opposing views? Is it illusional?

One would think that living in times of super scientific know-how and availability of all types of comforts that our grandparents didn’t even dream of would lead to a life of inner peace and calm.

But alas, reality shows that having more makes us want more, and then some more after that. Having money becomes an end in itself instead of a means to live life. The tastes, smells and activities that gave us joy when we were children is replaced by societies’ choices of what one ought to like and develop tastes for.

The art of living life seems to have been forgotten.

Rosh Hashanah is a reminder that Hashem creates and is the Source of life of this world. Fundamental concerns, most of which stem from forgetting that everything in this world is temporary, get turned on their head and instead one is led to be joyful, knowing that specifically in this temporary world one can connect to Hashem.

Pikudei Hashem yesharim m’samche lev, learning Hashem’s Torah and fulfilling Mitzvos is the way we find joy in being alive. And once we’ve tapped in, even the mundane becomes infused with Kedusha.

Perhaps the heightened anxiety is an expression of society’s subconscious sense of the upcoming Geula Shleima. Perhaps this is the last birur of the essence of the animal soul. Regardless, we need to be there for those around us suffering from emotional or mental anguish. Focusing on the essential connection every Yid has with Hashem and the joy this brings. Hopefully the joy itself will spring us out of Golus and into the Geula Shleima.

Wishing you a wonderful Shabbos, and a Ksiva V’chasima Tova, L’shana Tova Umisuka,